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The Goal of UIGF-Org

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The Goal of UIGF-Org

As games developed by companies like miHoYo, such as Genshin Impact, continue to gain popularity, an increasing number of players are engaging with these games. Among these players, many individuals with a passion for programming have begun designing game tools for auxiliary purposes beyond the games themselves, aiming to complement the deficiencies in official tools. However, personal developers are often constrained by limited resources, and they usually can only provide high-quality programs within their familiar platforms, unable to offer assistance across other system platforms. This leads players to repeatedly configure third-party game tools and input new data across different tools.

UIGF-Org has taken note of this phenomenon. Thus, after rallying the collective efforts of developers in the open-source community, we have devised initial standardized protocols for data interchange, primarily intended for Genshin Impact's wish history data. This standard, known as the UIGF standard, will enable applications that adhere to it to export users' stored data in the format defined by UIGF-Org. These applications will also be able to accept data exported by other applications utilizing the UIGF-Org data format. Consequently, the barriers to data exchange among various applications will be eliminated, allowing players to transition between these third-party applications more seamlessly and cost-effectively.

UIGF-Org has crafted these standards with the following objectives:

To empower users to switch between different applications freely, without being hindered by developers through constraints such as an inability to export data or exporting data in unconventional formats. To grant users full control over their own data, permitting them to store data in any trusted storage repository. To ensure the comprehensive preservation of users' game data, leveraging parameters such as id and timestamps from official data sources, to ensure data authenticity to the greatest extent possible.