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Uniformed Interchangeable GachaLog Format Standard v2.2

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Uniformed Interchangeable GachaLog Format Standard v2.2

Uniformed Interchangeable GachaLog Format standard (UIGF) v2.2 Legacy


This standard is outdated, UIGF v2.3 is the successor.


With the conflict between Genshin Impact's popularity and its lack of software supporting, there has been variety of third-party Genshin Impact wish history export software. As they are getting more versatile and complex, the cost of switch between those software are getting much higher.

As a result, we (list in alphabetical order):

Make standard here together to strengthen the data exchange-ability between each Genshin-related App.

We will also make new standards if there's more data can be transferred in the further.


When adapting this format, please note that some name field may contain underline _ or space This format only adapting Simplified Chinese


Genshin's wish record contains a special field id which is introduced in patch 1.3, all records exported before that will not have associated id without compatibility modification.

When exporting

  • Make sure every item have valid id
  • It is recommended that starting from the last item with a valid id, the value of id is decremented forward (relative to time), and the value of each decrement should be kept as 1
  • Generated id value should not larger than 1612303200000000000
  • Application should not assume every gacha_time have a valid id
    • So the application should have ability to handle record with null or empty value in the id field


The probabilistic wish system has a shared pity rule, so we need extra field to identify the pool. In UIGF format, we added a uigf_gacha_type field addition to the original wish record data.

Please remember to add corresponding uigf_gacha_type field when applying UIGF format

uigf_gacha_type Mapping


Excel Workbook (Workbook Format)

Uniformed Interchangeable GachaLog Format standard of Workbook (UIGF.W)

File Name

We suggest:

  • Contain user's uid in the file name
  • Users have choice to confirm file name before the export

Format of Shell

  • When filling the shell with data, the format should be set to string (Text)

Sheet Name and Content

Sheet NameContentCategoryRequired
统计分析Statistical analysis content, etc.AnyNo
角色活动祈愿Data of gacha_type : 301|400Wish record tableNo, but should have
武器活动祈愿Data of gacha_type : 302Wish record tableNo, but should have
常驻祈愿Data of gacha_type : 200Wish record tableNo, but should have
新手祈愿Data of gacha_type : 100Wish record tableNo, but should have
原始数据All raw data of wish historyRaw wish dataYes, see details below
  • The order of the tables can be arbitrary
  • The application can hide some table to prevent user to modify the data
  • Sheet name should be kept same as described in the game

Application should transmit data through raw wish history data

Wish Record Sheet Structure

This section is to normalize analysis-related applications

  • The content filling order corresponding to the table header needs to be arranged in strict accordance with the instructions below
  • Shared pity pool is differentiated with gacha_type
  • This category of sheet allows user to view data intuitively and wish analysis can work easier
Column HeaderContentRequired
时间time formatted in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssYes
名称name Item NameYes
祈愿类型gacha_type escaped nameYes

You can add other column headers if you think it's necessary, but please make sure that the first few columns of the header are the contents of the above table specification

The data in the table is usually arranged in ascending or descending order by wish ID, and the analysis app should not assume that the order in the table is a specific ascending or descending order

gacha_type Escaped Name

gacha_typeEscaped Name


2021-02-17 18:45:09以理服人武器3角色活动祈愿-2...

Raw Wish Data Sheet

When exporting

  • Applications should ask user if they should include the raw data when exporting
  • Once the workbook contains 原始数据 (raw data) worksheet, it indicates that the exported data supporting this format
  • The raw data sheet should be filled strictly follow the instruction in this page
  • The order of column should be set strictly follow the requirement below
  • Existing fields are sorted in ascending dictionary order, and subsequent new fields are sorted in the order of addition
  • If there is no special requirement, we recommend exporting all the fields contained in the JSON data

When importing

  • We strongly recommended you to write programs that do import independently of the ordinal position of the columns, for maximum compatibility
  • If the values of some of the non-essential fields are omitted, please keep the column header and the corresponding columns will be empty
Column HeaderRequired
countNo, but suggest to keep, may to have situation that count not equal to 1 in the future
idYes, but suggest to keep, most applications use it to sort record
item_idNo, it is deprecated field from official data set
langNo, but suggest to keep, for internationalization usage
rank_typeNo, but suggest to keep, for analysis-related app use purpose
timeNo, but suggest to keep, for analysis-related app use purpose
uidNo, but suggest ask user if keep or not, for analysis-related app use purpose


13011613556360008291100武器zh-cn以理服人32021-02-17 18:45:09123456789301

Json Format

Uniformed Interchangeable GachaLog Format standard of Json (UIGF.J)

We also made this standard because Json format is used by Genshin Impact's official API, and it's easier for applications to import and export.

This format should only be used for data transmission between applications.

Exported Stucture

With the idea of extracting to the UIGF.W section with the same value field, we have drawn up the following json format

    "info" : {
        "uid" : "000000000",
        "lang" : "zh-cn",
    "list" : [
            "gacha_type": "000",
            "item_id": "",
            "count": "1",
            "time": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss",
            "name": "以理服人",
            "item_type": "武器",
            "rank_type": "3",
            "id": "1600099200004770203",
            "uigf_gacha_type": "000",


Addition to uid and lang fields extracted from {gacha_item}, we also recognize the following field

Field NameValueNote
export_timeExported time in format of yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
export_timestampExported time in UNIX timestampv2.2+
export_appName of export application, see details in table below
export_app_versionVersion of export application
uigf_versionUIGF version applied, keep this to prevent application not working when UIGF have breaking update


Valid values:

v2.0First public official versionv2.0
v2.1Simplified in language expression, data format is completely consistent with v2.0v2.1 and lower
v2.2Add info.export_timestamp to fill UNIX timestampv2.2 and lower


Application haven't made export feature are filled with -

Export Applicaitonexport_app Value
biuuu/genshin wish exportopen in new windowgenshin-wish-export
DGP Studio/Snap.Genshinopen in new windowSnap Genshin
MUK/应急食品open in new windowMUKGenshinTool
Scighost/KeqingNiuzaopen in new window-
Scighost/Xunkongopen in new windowXunkong.Desktop
sunfkny/genshin gacha exportopen in new windowgenshin-gacha-export
TremblingMoeNew/DodocoTalesopen in new window-
voderl/genshin gacha analyzeropen in new window-